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If you plan to show a car, it must meet the following requirements:

  • '72 and older Cars, Kustoms, Motorcycles & Hot Rods

  • If you want to park with your friends you should all arrive together

  • No cars newer than 1972

  • Unlike many Car Shows Jalopy Fest has something planed throughout the whole day. Check out all the info on this web site or check out our Facebook page



A note from our gracious hosts:

Guests of Jalopy Fest,

This year at Jalopy Fest, with the exception of show cars,  we will no longer allow motorized vehicles on the show grounds. This would include no Mini Bikes, No Scooters, No motorized Bicycles, No Go Karts, No Motorized Radio Flyers & No Motorized Bath Tubs.

You get the idea. 


The Fairgrounds and our insurance coverage insist that we are a “Static Car Show” That means no motorized movement or cruising at anytime other than show cars entering and leaving the show or participating in contests. This applies to those who will be camping overnight as well. 


If you are disabled and require a golf cart you must bring proof of insurance. This is easily obtained through your home owners insurance at a reasonably low rate. BUT we ask that the cart be used carefully and not to be used to move people around other than those it is intended for.  Motorized wheelchairs and scooters are also allowed for those with disabilities. 

Thank you in advance, 

Bernie Myers


If you have any questions, please email us  at

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